Boys Toy’s

For the groom to the Venue, and the Best man to the reception!

Chauffeur driven only

De Lorean
Is a DeLorean DMC-12!
This is the infamous Stainless Steel gull-wing coupe, made popular by the Back to the Future films.
Why not make your day truly memorable, with a ride in a very, very rare and immaculate Delorean motorcar. Passengers are advised to supply their own plutonium for time travel. Please note that no Flux Capacitors are left in this vehicle overnight!



This Mustang is a stunner!  As new!, in an impressive silver livery, a 4 seater convertible, ‘Max’ will transport the Groom and Best Man to the church, ORthis could the ULTIMATE show stopper, for the Bride and Groom.  With loads of grunt, the GT Mustang V8, 4600 cc engine, develops 300 bhp, and turns a few heads, even without a bride or groom on board.



Bentley lookalike wedding car
‘Crystal B’
The Bentley lookalike.
Details of this stunner on the Our Cars page (see Crystal B)




All our cars are used exclusively for Weddings
They are Collectors and enthusiasts cars.
Our cars are not normal working wedding cars, but are cherished and loved. You will appreciate the difference.